2020 OSCC - WCCE Virtual Conference Survey

What has been impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on your chamber operations.

Your input will be helpful in providing insight to better gauge how to deal with this serious economic challenge impacting the Chamber's ability to provide important services to the business community.

Please note that Friday, April 17th, WCCE will be conducting another Exec2Exec web call for Chamber Executives to share the latest on the COVID-19 impact effecting their community and chamber.

Should WCCE Increase membership dues for 2023?

If you answered yes to the above question, how much should the dues be increased?

WCCE Membership Options

General Member: An executive of a Chamber of Commerce. Dues are based on executive's annual salary.       

Associate Member: Those who have held the “general member” classification but are not currently employed by a chamber.          
Sustaining Member: Those individuals or firms who are not qualified for membership within the other classifications but who desire to support WCCE.          
  Current    4% Increase  6% Increase   8% Increase  
General Member (Up to $9,999 annual salary) 200 208 212 216  
General Member ($10,000 to $24,999 annual salary) 250 260 265 270  
General Member ($25,000 to $39,999 annual salary) 300 312 318 324  
General Member ($40,000 to $54,999 annual salary) 375 390 398 405  
General Member ($55,000 to $84,999 annual salary) 475 494 504 513  
General Member ($85,000 + annual salary) 575 598 610 621  
Associate Member
300 312 318 324  
Sustaining Member 300 312 318 324  

Should WCCE include a Voluntary Assessment request with the 2023 Membership Dues Invoice?

The voluntary Assessment request would be for 10% of their annual dues.

If you answered "Yes" to the Voluntary Assessment request, should the donations be used for a “Continuing Education Scholarship Fund”?

Additonal Comments

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